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Journalism has changed since the Valley Press Club was established in 1960. Before journalists began using computers, videotape, and the Internet, they accomplished much with typewriters, black & white film, and a notepad.  Digital technology and social media have clearly helped make journalism better, faster, and more accessible to more people. As hard-working journalists in western Massachusetts continue to preserve our democracy by fighting for transparency in all public aspects of our community, the Valley Press Club will continue to support them and their work.

The Valley Press Club is committed to the highest standards of fair, balanced, and factual journalism. For more than 50 years, the press club has offered educational workshops, hosted luncheons with provocative newsmakers, and awarded more than 160 college scholarships to local high school students pursuing careers in journalism. 

Valley Press Club members include active and retired journalists, public relations professionals, politicians, and citizens from all walks of life, who care about preserving quality journalism. Please consider becoming a member. You will help us maintain quality journalism in western Massachusetts by supporting local students with scholarships. Your $25 membership goes a long way in helping us accomplish our mission. 

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